The problem = Drifting

Drifting, drifting, drifting, from one activity to the other, from one phase of life to the next, without any clear direction or goal. This is an all too common way of life for many people, unfortunately so, because living with clarity, direction, motive is a lot more satisfying – because then we are actually CREATING our own lives – making our OWN decisions – and that is a huge difference. What I have noticed is that especially young people, under thirty, tend to have a difficulty deciding upon a direction for themselves. This was true for me as well – and in this blog I am going to write about the basics of solving the drifting-problem.

Why is drifting a problem?

Drifting, going with the flow, why is that even a problem to begin with? The problem is that we do not allow ourselves to really LIVE – in the sense that we do not move ourselves to express our UTMOST potential. When we drift, we can end up anywhere, and that anywhere is not necessarily the place that is best for us, that will challenge us, that will bring through our potential into full expression. For us to end up, both within and without, in a position, at a point in life where we thrive, we have to DIRECT – we have to MAKE and LIVE DECISIONS – it is not enough to drift – we have to actively ask ourselves what we want and then go for it.

How to bring about direction

When I have worked with creating direction in my life – I have used a four step method: Creative envisioning, Planning, Execution and Reevaluation. Below I am going to walk through what each step entails.

Step 1: Creative Envisioning

The first step in achieving DIRECTION is what I call Creative Envisioning. Just like any form of creation, from building a house to painting a picture or making a movie – it all begins with a vision. Here we can go crazy, get it all out there, what is the life you want for yourself? What is the life you want for this world? Get it all out there – it does not matter how strange or impossible it sounds – because the purpose of this phase is not to be realistic, it is to awaken yourself to seeing MORE, POTENTIAL, EXPRESSION – seeing what it is that would be BEST for you – that maybe you had not even considered before.

Example: I want to become a trustworthy and strong human being with a clear direction and purpose in life – I want to wake up in the morning with DRIVE, MOTIVATION, DETERMINATION and DIRECTION. I want be a part of creating a life and world that is best for all through the written word by supporting others with insights, understandings, realizations and practical methods so that they can become more effective in their living.

Step 2: Planning

After we have envisioned our direction, it is time to consider HOW to PRACTICALLY live it and set it in motion – in other words – planning. And as any director and producer knows, a great film is without exception preceded by countless of hours of planning. The same goes with life – to get to where want to get – we must make a battle plan – a map – a basic schematic – what is required for us to get there. For example, if we want to wake up in the morning with DRIVE, perhaps we need to consider what it means to wake up in the morning with DRIVE? Does it mean that we step out of the bed immediately as wake up, resolute, and determined, take a breath, and then proceed to continue to implement and live our plan/direction/purpose? And if that is something that might initially be difficult, how are we able to support ourselves to walk through that resistance? Maybe we need to create a routine in the morning, a few simple movements that we make in the bed, to support ourselves to raise from the slumber and execute our decisions?

Planning thus is essential – it is through planning we make our dreams PRACTICAL and PHYSICAL – it is similar to the composer writing down the soundtrack existing as sounds in his mind inaudible to others unto paper that then allows for an orchestra to bring it into to physical to be HEARD.

Example: I will get out of my bed in the morning at 06:00 – and I will with light, yet still swift and determined movements get up – shower and then sit down by my notebook and write for myself. I will then carry my notebook with my for the remainder of my day – and each time I am inspired or in some other way see something that I would like to write about that could eventually turn into a blog – I take a note – so that I get material for my writings. I will each night at 22:00 sit down for at least 15 minutes to write or continue to write on a blog that supports me as well as others to establish value, substance, purpose and direction as natural a part of life.

Step 3: Execution

No plan survives contact with the enemy – the same goes with planning our lives. No plan survives contact with reality – thus – prepare yourself to be faced with resistance, practical difficulties, and various justifications and excuses coming up from within as to why you should not live your plan into the physical. However – in order to stand and actually execute – MANIFEST – our visions into the physical – we must live by the maxim – JUST DO IT. Hence it is in this phase of creation that you must take a deep breath and just MOVE – stop expecting things to happen – you must MOVE yourself for things to happen – that is simply the way things work in physical reality – and unless you do – your vision will but remain a vision and never become your physical reality.

Thus it is important to remember that visions and plans are useless unless you actually wholly and completely commit yourself to live and execute them in the PHYSICAL.

Step 4: Reevaluation

Living with purpose, vision and direction is a work in progress – it is a continuous and expansive movement that we develop and refine as we apply and continue to bring our decisions into physical matter. Thus – always be open to reevaluate your visions, redesign your plans, and recommit to your execution. If something does not work, then try something new. If you have decided upon a particular vision, and later realize that this particular vision does not work, then change it. Rather than fearing envisioning the ‘wrong things’, making a mistake in the plan or not executing it properly, I personally like to simply go for it, see where I end up, and if I am not satisfied, then I change things around – I see no point in waiting for things to ‘feel right’ as I can never really know anyway how I will experience or what outflows something will have that I have envisioned, when I get to the point of actually living and creating it into the physical.

Thus – what I have seen, realized and understood is that it is not so much about the vision, the plan, or the execution, it is rather about OURSELVES, about WHO WE ARE, and what matters is that we GIVE ourselves a PURPOSE and a DIRECTION and then practice bringing it into creation – CONSISTENTLY – DAILY – with STEADFASTNESS and DETERMINATION.


Drifting is a problem because through it, we suppress our creative potential, our ability to envision and manifest a life for ourselves and others that is EXTRAORDINARY. In my experience, all physical creations have started as a vision, a seed, an idea, as a initial movement, which was brought into reality through consistent movement. Thus – to master and apply the skill of living with DIRECTION will bring value and substance to our lives in ways that we had not even been able to imagine – and hence I wholly recommend apply and playing around with this 4-step creation process to anyone interested in living with more PASSION and LUST for LIFE.